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I found myself stunned and captivated by this new work by Christian van Minnen, a painter who I met a while back when he still lived in Seattle and was part of a drawing event with me. He was also included in the still life show that I gushed over a couple years ago. Maybe […]



I walked into this exhibition this morning and gasped. I wasn’t sure whether to pee my pants or cry. Which is appropriate, considering that the show is designed around still life as sensual catalyst. It probably also figures into one of my current obsessions– linking visual/media input to food. I find it really helpful to […]

(photo via Miss Manitach) There are countless indepth blogs about food, in every direction, of course, but my life has been intersecting with food in new ways lately, so I thought I’d slip a post in.  The trouble is, the more I think about food, the more there is to think about. A week or […]