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Erasure as…


draw erase from Gala Bent on Vimeo.   Erasure as subharmony ** Erasure as intellectual flexibility ** …as therapy ** …as chaff (Thanks, Shawna) ** Erasure as the growing market for tattoo removal ** Erasure as ** Erasure as “just like starting over” or as “no such thing.” ** Erasure as palimpsest ** …as wrinkled […]

47:30 or so.



An experimental school that I attended in southern Oregon purchased all of the surrounding forest that it could in 2000 in order to protect the forest as the Bush administration was opening the land up for logging. A number of students and I helped to try to restore the forest. It had been logged twice […]

The Art of Google Books (where the images above were nabbed) describes itself this way: The adversaria of Google Books: captured mark of the hand and digitization as rephotography. The images on the site drive me batty with their fertile, funny, accidental and purposeful tracking of knowledge and opinion and the romantic quirks of books as objects. I […]

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Above: Amelie Chabannes “Double Portrait, Marina, Ulay, Overlap And Iconoclast #2″ 2012 Traditional Gesso, Transferred Crayon and Vandalism on Wood Panel (40″x50”)  

I’ve been in a concentrated workshop-teaching season and now into the finishing days of solo show in the studio, so most of my online output has slipped into snippets and snapshots on Facebook or Instagram. But hey. There’s something that fits best here, and asks for a little more wind (as in long-winded). I have […]