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“This painting is like a rodent-pet. It smells like poop nuggets and wood chips. Does this painting hold up to paintings made by your contemporaries in Brooklyn? Or Berlin?” “Why do you always think of those two cities?” “Because they stand for edgy success.” “Ha. If I make work thinking of that, I’ll be pretending to be […]

Summer Workshop season is on the horizon! If you want to learn how to make books, explore the history of the book form and visit the inimitable Oregon Coast, join me at Sitka Center for Art + Ecology  08/02/2013 – 08/03/2013 If you are in high school (15-18 yrs), and want to jump start your […]



This past summer was kicked off by a four-day stay at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, where I taught a bookbinding workshop, and wrapped up, so to speak, by a workshop at Cornish College of Art + Design, where I taught an observational drawing class. Aside from a small handful of older students who […]

Are you a high school student in Seattle, or do you know one who wants to draw up a storm this summer? I’ll be teaching a workshop for 15-18-year-olds at Cornish— a one-week intensive at the end of July. It will be an immersive and experimental experience, using traditional drawing tools and techniques at the […]