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I have been looking for a quote, the spirit of which lingers in my mind– something to the effect of: “There are many times I have preferred the sound of birds over the sound of the human voice.” In any case, as I prepare for my show “Biographic” at G.Gibson Gallery in May, I have […]

I found the following passage from an old journal, about trying to know the mountains that I can see when I look across the Puget Sound and how that relates to trying to know people. It fits my mood for this day-after-Valentine’s. I was solo (not because of a break-up, but because of divergent travels) […]

^ A detail from an etching made by me with the help of Scott Kolbo and a group of students for the inaugural print residency at Seattle Pacific in 2014: “230 of an infinite number of possible universes,” and… ^…an illustration based in super string theory found here. It occurs to me slowly that my […]

Repost of this set of goals. The older post has gotten infected by some spam engine of doom. Some more goals: A drawing that throbs with its own reckoning, Tell-Tale-Heart-style. A drawing that breathes through its teeth, makes bad jokes and laughs at itself. That apologizes too often and second-guesses its intentions. Its lines are […]

Tal R


Every artwork should have a certain “hand” that reaches out for the audience, but the physical experience is completely beyond what you can explain on the phone. You can almost explain Donald Judd or Bruce Nauman over the phone. But when you see the pieces, they work on you in a different way. I want there to be normal […]

What’s a love song look like as a painting?

I was a painter in the Midwest in the early 2000s. I listened to gritty music in gritty venues, and made work that was a study in browns, rubbed and stained and scratched back. Looking at the wide expanses of empty farm fields during the long winters, observed, as they were, by a high gray […]