(Lee Piechocki)

Zack and I had the privilege of curating a show for NEPO House, based around our family’s shared fascination with the bending of time and space and matter (yes!). The press release follows…

NEPO House is proud to present:


an exhibition curated by Zack and Gala Bent

Calvin Ross Carl 
Lee Piechocki
Maria Gamboa
Molly Epstein
Nathaniel Russell

January 7- 21, 2011

Opening: Saturday January 7th, 6-9pm

Benders was triggered while Gala and Zack observed their sons obsessively entrenched in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender– an epic story within which characters have an ability to manipulate earth elements (fire, water, earth, air). One evening, after watching a Nova segment on The Fabric of the Cosmos, it registered that their own interests and those of their sons struck an uncanny parallel between mind-bending scientific revelations and fictitious beings harnessing natural phenomena. In this spirit, Benders brings together works that toy with the perception of space or the limits of matter. The exhibit includes works by local and national artists: Calvin Ross Carl (Portland), Lee Piechocki (Kansas City), Maria Gamboa (Seattle), Molly Epstein (Seattle), Nathaniel Russell (Oakland/Indianapolis). The exhibit will also include artifacts from the Bent household, an essay by Gala Bent and homemade pretzels made by Zack Bent and guests.

You are cordially invited to join Zack Bent in an exercise of chemistry and bending, making handmade lye dipped pretzels at 4pm as a prelude to the opening.

Happy New Year!